Silver and Gold Magazine Spring 2019

free copy Spring 2019 Magazine for Boomers Plus ! e m i t g Sprin beautify with MILKWEED DOWNSIZE withing your own home hungry? quick, healthy STIR-FRY OLD TIME RADIO for free! intuitive eating: NO MORE DIETS! Springtime is when new life starts, brings joy again, to our waiting hearts, from the thawing earth new life creeps, the last of the snow, from roof-tops weeps. To the long cold winter, we say goodbye, the fresh breeze, through the treetops sigh. All around us as surely as heaven above young mans fancy, turns to thoughts of love. Birds are arriving from all distant parts. New shoots again, on the fruit trees starts. March winds giving way to April showers, a wonderful spring will surely be ours. Roads are washed clean, by the frequent rain now grass is green on our lawn once again. Eager once more to plant veggies and flowers, by tending our garden, lovingly for hours. The cold winter’s blast has left for a while, Springtime’s sunny days, cause many to smile. Snow-shovels and parkas, all stashed away, will come out in late fall, on the first snowy day. Then suddenly the land is covered with flowers, what a wonderful country is this land of ours. May-time, the loveliest time to be blessed, Crops are all planted, now time for a short rest. – Trevor Trower enter our test! on c d e e w k l i m (p18)