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Best Practices Developed in partnership with PlayCore and the Natural Learning Initiative, College of Design NC State University, Pathways For Play is a resource for infusing play into pathway networks. It illustrates how to locate and lay out a path, as well as how to infuse it with fun, meaningful learning opportunities along the way. Learn more at www.pathwaysforplay.org The solution is Play Trails Play Trails get families active and out on the trail by creating playful pockets that promote fun along the way, while encouraging the family to enjoy the walk between the play pockets. Both children and adults are immersed in nature, and since each play pocket also features opportunities to learn through educational signage, they also discover the wonder of the world around them. Play Trails can help encourage families to respect, enjoy and strive to protect our natural spaces through interaction, family togetherness, and fun. A Collaborative Partnership After discussions with American Trails leadership, it was found we shared their desire to get more families and children out using trails, not only for the health benefits, but also to foster an appreciation of nature. Experts in the trail industry and board members of American Trails were chosen to serve on an Advisory Committee, which had a critical role in the development of Pathways for Play program, as well as the Play Trails product line.