Équipements récréatifs Catalogue Woodville - Page 14

Ropes and Tubes Basic Colours of ropes Design Colours of tubes and posts (matte finish) Colours of HDPE-panels RAL 9017 Traffic black RAL 3015 Light pink Red RAL 9010 Pure white RAL 5024 Pastel blue Black RAL 9007 Grey aluminium RAL 5012 Light blue Blue RAL 1001 Beige RAL 5017 Traffic blue Green RAL 8001 Ochre brown RAL 5021 Water blue Yellow RAL 8012 Red brown RAL 6028 Pine green White RAL 3012 Beige red RAL 6034 Pastel turquoise Lilac RAL 3002 Carmine red RAL 6021 Pale green Orange Beige RAL 2009 Traffic orange RAL 1028 Melon yellow Dark Green RAL 4005 Blue lilac Red Blue Black Yellow Green Orange Silver You will find even more colours for ropes, tubes and posts in our current catalogue or on request. Robinia Robinia originates from eastern North America. In the 17 th century, it was introduced to Europe and has since spread throughout central and southern Europe. Thanks to its durability and consequential resistance to insect and fun- gal attacks, robinia is ideally suited for playground facilities manufactured in Germany. Another advantage of this building material is its CO 2 neutrality. 14 Berliner Woodville