Équipements récréatifs Catalogue Woodville - Page 13

Combination options and addable elements The shack huts are available with different elements options and in various combinations as is typical with the Berliners. Due to the mirrored inclination, the higher and lower houses can share a post and thereby form a combination. In doing so, you have the choice of a triangular or rectangular balcony between the huts. Choose among our wide pallet of entry options and bridges and build your own climbing landscape with Woodville. Access net The entry net offers an exciting challenge for little elves and magicians. Rope bridge The classic wobbly connection element permits the most secure crossing from rung to rung. Crossing net The crossing net requires the highest amount of focus from the climbing goblins. You only make it across if you carefully step on to the rope. Rocking plates The new rocking plates at varying heights offer a thrilling alternative to master the ascent and descent. Climbing rope The climbing rope poses a challenge even for advanced climbers. Rope ladder The rope ladder offers a wobbly ascent into the hut. Berliner Woodville 13