Équipements récréatifs 20170906_DNA-Towers_EN_Zmags - Page 6

DNA Combi.02 90.180.519 (m) (‘-‘‘) 9,9 x 11,6 x 7,2 32-5 x 37-11 x 23-7 EN 1176 (m) 13,7 x 14,6 ASTM/CSA(m) 14,1 x 15,3 ASTM/CSA (‘-‘‘) 46-0 x 50-0 (m) (‘-‘‘) 2,94 9-8 Suspension bridge 5 From a tree house Trii2, the path across a suspension bridge leads directly into the second storey of DNA Tower.04. Anyone making it to the very top of the netting is confronted by a steep descent, but the curving tunnel slide offers a quick exit. Meanwhile, down at ground level, a further attraction awaits in the shape of the Duck Jibe. Duck Jibe Access net Slide Various types of slides available for three different levels