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Center Hub ( Top View ) A central multi-occupant climber with different types of climbing activities , including vertical and lateral climbing . It also serves as a social gathering spot . The center hub is used to attach stadium rooms and walls .

Fun , Healthy Activity for Children

We took everything we learned from Challenge Course obstacle courses and created a compact design that addresses the physical , cognitive , and social needs of children ages 5 to 12 . Help children achieve better health and wellness with The Stadium !
The Stadium
# CC21000 ASTM Use Zone : 33 ’ x 35 ’ ( 10.1m x 10.7m ) Recommended Ages : 5 to 12 ASTM Fall Height : 8 ’ ( 2.4m )
The Stadium with Shade
# CC21001
Sway Station
Cross the tethered balance beams as they move back and forth and side to side . The beams are linked with a rubber membrane positioned at transfer height and accessible via transfer .
Leaning Ladders
The combination of angled and leaning ladders , an HDPE climbing wall , and elevated grip rails provide multiple routes and paths of travel .
Agilty Pods
Enhance balance , coordination , agility , and problem-solving with these sturdy platforms . They feature a soft-textured rubber surface that ’ s perfect for stepping or jumping .
Mountain Climber
The Mountain Climber combines metal rungs , HDPE inserts , and a taut rubber membrane for a multi-faceted climbing challenge . It also features a ground-level ringtrace activity for inclusive play .