Équipements d'entraînements - Page 10

Chart Your Own Course

Start anywhere you like with The Stadium . Chart a different path through the 10 obstacles each time .
Example Route 1 Example Route 2
Example Route 3
Over , Under , & Around
Over , Under , & Around promotes balance and flexibility development . HDPE climbing surfaces with perforated metal accents create paths of travel for the user to navigate over , under , through , and around .
Get A Grip
Improve grip strength and upper body muscle development with this mixed-material ladder .
Floating Boards
With three distinct routes of travel , over , through , or along the side , Floating Boards enhance balance , flexibility , and whole-body muscle fitness .
Twisted Ladders
This vertical and lateral climbing wall provides many different grip variations and climbing angles and features a center rubber membrane with climbing grips .
Ledge Climber
This lateral climber is an upper-body fitness trainer with multiple paths of travel at various skill levels . Beginning users can use the tethered balance cable for assistance .