журнал ARTCARPET ArtCarpet #6 2021 ENG - Page 81

Istanbul is a city which has gastronomic traditions from all over Turkey . At the same time , it is an active metropolis with street food . We tell you what you should try in the city on the Bosphorus :
1 ) Balyk ekmek and certainly on the Galata bridge ! This sandwich with crispy mackerel or sardine has become a real classic . 2 ) Köfte is Turkish meat balls , a main course and an appetizer . 3 ) Kokorech and uykuluk are variations of chopped and fried lamb chitterlings ( kokorech is lamb intestines , uykuluk is a throat ), served in a roll with spices and vegetables . 4 ) Karniyaryk and imambayaldy , they say that there are more than 150 eggplant dishes in Turkish cuisine ! 5 ) Iskander Kebab is the most delicious kebab with yogurt , named after the inventor of the vertical spit Iskander Mehmetoglu effendi ( and a great commander , alas , had nothing to do with it ). 6 ) Firin sutlach , muhallebi , tavuk goksu is rice , milk and chicken (!) puddings . Turkish sweets are not only Turkish delight and baklava .
Our journey memories consist not only of long walks and feasts , but also of short moments that can be collected like sparkling beads in a necklace of memory . Try to find miracles , without which you cannot leave Istanbul :
1 ) Go to the Sirkeci station in the evening and feel like the first passenger of the Orient Express . 2 ) Bargain for the thing you like and buy for the desired price . 3 ) Get lost in the districts and go somewhere . 4 ) Drink raki with the view on the night Bosphorus . 5 ) Touch all carpets on your way . 6 ) Pet all cats and feed them with yoghurt . 7 ) Have breakfast at the rooftop cafe next to the Suleymaniye Mosque . 8 ) Go to a bar with music on Istiklal and dance 9 ) Buy salep ( a powder from wild orchid tubers ) in the store for healing drink in winter evenings 10 ) Return home and find a ticket to Istanbul again !
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