журнал ARTCARPET ArtCarpet #6 2021 ENG - Page 74

►What countries are your carpets being exported to ? Are you thinking of new markets ?
- We are exporting all over the world , but mainly to the USA and Europe , but we want to develop other markets further .
►Why do your customers love you ?
- One of our customers said : “ I know a lot of carpet sellers , but only few cares about the customer like you . This is true , we do care , and I think our foreign colleagues feel our sincerity .
►Imagine your company in five years ’ time .
- We will be developing carpet recycling and production of original eco-friendly carpets using different materials such as silk , linen , cotton and other types of yarn . I also hope to expand our market to Latin America , Japan , etc .
►What is the secret of your success ?
- We are honest and reliable . We respect our weavers and their work . We do what we have promised and carry out deadlines . When we deal with antique carpets or kilims , we always tell the truth about the age and materials . Our customers trust us and we are grateful for that .
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