журнал ARTCARPET ArtCarpet #6 2021 ENG - Page 70

►Could you give some advice to our readers how to combine different patterns , prints and ornaments in one interior ?
- To harmonise patterns with each other , it is worth bearing in mind that pattern on different surfaces should be of different size . It is believed that you should not combine a floral theme with geometry , but I would disagree . If you look at English interiors , there are many combinations of geometry in fabrics and floral patterns . The important thing is to define the colour scheme , use no more than three colours , especially if you are a beginner . The more patterns you have , the more difficult it is to match them . Combine large designs with small ones . To simplify the task you can also work with prints of the same style . Then they will match each other .
►What inspires you ?
- In general , it is teamwork with talented people . It is an opportunity to learn something new , to see the world from a different angle . And , of course , this is communication with artists . When one comes to the studio , it is like one stands in front of altar . Artists ’ works always reveal in a new way after the conversation with them and it gives me inspiration .
►When you visit somebody , do you often stylise a space ?
- Unfortunately or fortunately , framing has already become a professional deformation . Sometimes , when I was on holiday , I did a column on restyling a space , such as a rented apartment in another country . Of course , I don ' t impose my opinion on owners . But if they ask for advice , I can give it . Decorating is not just a profession ; it is a way of looking at the world . Every time I come into a cafe or a bar , if I see beautiful tableware which is unfamiliar to me , I always ask a shop manager for the brand and then order it for myself .

How can one stylise his home ?

• Do not be afraid to mix , group things together as if you are waiting for guests around a table . They should be interested in talking to each other . There is always an overlap between objects of different styles , epochs and countries . Then they will begin to work in unison .
• Combine mass-market with exclusive , expensive items .
• Use works of artisans . Handmade ceramics , panels made by an artist always look interesting in the interior . Often they are one-of-a-kind items and give interior a uniqueness and status . For example , I am collecting black and white ceramics made by Russian masters .
• Be a collector for your space . It means to choose a theme and put away everything that doesn ' t match . Collector never buys everything ! That ’ s the secret of success .
• Use vintage items .
►Last year you made an online course on interior decorating , Interior from the Cover . Who have participated ? Is it popular now ?
- The course has existed for three years , and during this time there has been a real boom in interior styling . It has been in demand and fashionable ! I think it is partly because clients have realised that the selection of decor is an important part of the design project . I am very happy about it .
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