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►How does an interior stylist differ from an interior designer and decorator ?
- Designer creates a unique interior from scratch . Decorator without a global construction changes the interior by working with textiles , colours , and accessories . Interior stylist works with shoot . His aim is to visually , aesthetically come up with a story , to collect the composition of the frame . He can look for some accessories or work with what he has , if these are worthy things . Stylist is a kind of mediator between designer , his project , and interior gloss . It is the stylist who knows how to present interior in the most advantageous way so that it meets the criteria of magazines .
►How did you get into profession ?
- My way was long and not obvious , but this is its value . I have an art education . For many years after graduation , I decorated fashion windows and worked in large companies such as TSUM , Bosco , etc ., trying to come up with something interesting and creative . Once I got acquainted with stylists of glossy magazines , who offered me to collect stage property for shooting with models . This is how I worked on the other side of the camera . Gradually , I was offered not only to come up with decorations for fashion shootings , but also to stylize still lifes , table settings . A familiar photographer suggested decorating an apartment . It was about five years ago . I gained experience in interior decoration , wrote to designers , offering my help , talked about it on Instagram and quite unexpectedly for me , I turned out to be an interior stylist . Now I am not only decorating , but also teaching , sharing my knowledge at lectures and master classes .
►The perception of the interior can be changed due to stage props . How do you define the style of shooting , do you take into account the opinion of the client or designer ?
- There is an unspoken rule : Interior stylist should not be noticed in the frame . This means that the decor should match interior and emphasise its character and the author ' s idea . Sometimes shooting style is directly connected with the general concept of interior . Sometimes , on the contrary , when entering a room , you realise that you need to change interior in a different direction , for example , to play on contrasts and add contemporary art and unexpected details to a classic interior . Behind the improvised work , there is actually regular analysis of professional press and a lot of books on interior design .
►What is the most important art thing for you in interior ?
- It is the role they will play . Sometimes a painting has to shout and take all the attention , being the dominant idea . Sometimes it can work on the nuances , just shadowing interior . If there is no art in interior , I start my work by choosing paintings and working with volumes . I like breaking the rhythm . For example , a small painting or triptych over a bed / sofa often looks much more interesting than a large canvas commensurate with a sofa .
►Are there any rules in interior styling that are outdated ? What ’ s the trend in interior photography today ?
- General trend is minimalism and naturalness . More lively interiors and decor , objects that reflect the functionality of the space is preferred than just beautiful objects that turn a flat into a decor showroom . One also should forget trays on beds and stands for shoes in halls .
►What place do carpets play in space styling ?
- I believe that carpet is as important element in interior design as furniture , wall covering and art . It zones out your space , unite pieces of furniture together in a group . It can be an accent colour or widen a space ... Interior always looks unfinished without a carpet ! I love unusual carpets from different epochs and styles . The most unusual experiment was to use an antique tapestry on the walls and floor ( not a popular practice at the moment ), use one rug overlapping another and working with different styles and schools .
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