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# colourserman . Besides , we ’ ve read a lot of positive reviews on your author ’ s course on interior design , which has started in September . Is it important for you ? Have you discovered something new for yourself by communicating with the participants ?
- Many years ago I noticed that I had been telling the same thing about plan , interior , important technical things , and various engineering gizmos . I had only one listener in a couple of hours of storytelling ... It ’ s a shame to spend time on one person . And then , for 15 years now I have been giving the same lecture . The moment came when I wanted to write everything down and not to spend many hours , but to send finished instructions to my customers . The main difficulty was finding time and presenting everything briefly and clearly . This material may be available to those who want to get useful information . This is how the course was created . For me it was the main discovery that many things that are natural for me are not known to other people . But they are interested in these simple rules for creating everyday life ! But for me it was new to share information with an audience , and I realised that it was a great pleasure .

Three Postulates of Anna Erman ' s Workshop

• Never divide a common space with floor coverings of different types . We are talking about a combined kitchenliving room , which in most cases in our country is divided into a patch of tiles in the kitchen area and dark parquet in the living room area .
• Get rid of radiators under the window .
• Get rid f brown window frames in the interior .
We discuss these rules with the customer . Only if he accepts them and understands that it is possible to create our interior only by following the advice , we can continue to interact .
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