журнал ARTCARPET ArtCarpet #6 2021 ENG - Page 65

►Is a specialized education important for a designer , in your opinion ?
- I think that at the moment the competition among designers is quite strong . In order to be competitive and do your job well , it is important to have professional education , understand the market , and the ability to communicate .
►What is the main thing for you in the house , architecture and space or design with decor ?
- For me , the main thing is the shape of the window in the room , as well as the view from it . Often , behind the stained glass , we see a fence and a couple of dry thujas . In such cases , design and decor will not help us create an interior . In blocks of flats , the shape of windows indicates the level of the house and the country of origin . Of course , in the latter case , a competent plan and a fine selection of furniture can help create a place to live , but a design masterpiece is not always possible .
►Your interiors look very airy , they have humour . Is it the result of a creative impulse and inspiration or structural thinking and accurate strategy ?
- My interiors are all about structural thinking and accurate strategy . I often say that design is mathematics . For me , the main thing is proportion of objects in the interior . They should not be unhandy . I do not use bright dark colours for large pieces of furniture . I like minimal set of materials for decoration . These are the basic principles of my interiors .
►We publish the only magazine in Russia about carpet art and we would like to talk about them . What kind of carpets do you prefer ?
- I think carpets are an obligatory part of the interior . At the same time , I absolutely do not like silk and wealth . Carpet is important for its size .
After all , it is what emphasizes any zone . I rarely choose bright designs .
►How can one decorate the space with carpets ?
- Laying a carpet is a mathematical action . Initially , you need to choose the size on the plans by drawing furniture and determining the size of the visible parts of the carpet . Then start choosing .
►What carpet would you call ideal ? Have you had any experience in creating carpets or repainting carpets for the interior ?
- For me , a perfect carpet is skin of a cow . This technique can be seen quite often in my interiors . I have never repainted carpets because my interiors are mathematically simple . They can match with any colour scheme . But I still choose carpets of calm colours , they do not need repainting .
►There are a lot of art objects in your interiors . Are you fond of vintage and antiques ?
- I like vintage and antiques . But again , the right size is important for me . People often fit a square peg into a round hole , buy a really beautiful antique item that is not suitable in size for their house . It ’ s important to choose things that are right for you .
►What is way to create something new if everything has already been created ?
- I believe that nothing new needs to be created in the interior . It is not a vacuum cleaner , a car , a coffee grinder . Home is a place where we will always do the same things : come , cook food , relax , raise children ... And this process is always the same . To do this , we always need a similar set of items : a cozy kitchen , a quiet bedroom , a place to work , separate rooms for children , a storage space and a place for cleaning , washing . Nothing new is needed . We always want enough space and a beautiful view from the window .
►In your Instagram profile , you are talking about important components of the interior : for example , using the hashtag
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