журнал ARTCARPET ArtCarpet #6 2021 ENG - Page 63

►What was the last book which has impressed you lately ?
- I hardly ever read . I begin to look at the world through the authors ’ prism . I am completely into reading , and then it is difficult for me to be in a world of my own .
►Does the mood matter ?
- The state which I have while working is not a mood , but something else , rather a meditative state , a mysterious and intimate process . An artist , who creates according to his mood , will forever remain only an amateur .
►When creating a sculpture , should artist take into account the context and the place where it will be placed , or can he create without it ?
- It is not always the same . If it ’ s not an order , you don ’ t have to think about the place and parameters . If the sculpture is created for order , then , of course , work with the architectural part is necessary to connect the sculpture and the place . Sometimes a sculpture of a small form , made at the behest of the soul , can turn into a monumental one and decorate a park or square .
►How long does it take to create one piece of art ?
- A line drawing can take a second , and it can take years to make a carpet . It depends on the scale of the work and the technical complexity . Let ’ s say an average bronze sculpture is completed in a month or two .
►Why did you decide to work with carpets ? What is the reason ?
- My childhood memory . I remember myself sitting on the carpet and smearing plasticine on it ... In kindergarten , my plasticine craft was the best and displayed on a shelf where I could not reach , and I wanted to take it home ... Therefore carpet was the place of my play and work because I sculpted
from a young age . When I grew up , I used carpet motifs in graphics and sculpture , made a series of Living Carpets from flowers , fruit , branches , etc . In the 2010s , I began to make sketches , and in 2013 , my first pile carpet based on my sketch was woven from natural materials .
►What determines for you whether a work is art ?
- When I see an artist ’ s work , I do not ask him what he wants to say , but I try to catch the rhythm , feeling , thought . There is only me and work . If the impulses go , I start thinking further and I get high . If the work is silent , I have nothing to communicate with . The dialogue fails . This is the secret of art , it is impossible to explain it . You can understand it or not .
►What superpower would you like to have ?
- Person has more than one superpower , but how to reveal them and use them ? Person and his life is a miracle , what other miracle can you expect ... To be a real artist who can speak his own language and who is understood is a superpower . I do not attribute this to myself , but there are artists who have achieved this .
►What is the main thing for you in art ?
- Sometimes it is silence , sometimes is a scream , love or meditation , or all taken together . There should be magic in art that makes the viewer stop and watch .
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