журнал ARTCARPET ArtCarpet #6 2021 ENG - Page 56

Sculpture Ayu bala
In the third or fourth year of study at the academy , I made the first sculpture The Boy with the Sword . It is the beginning of history . There were a lot of attempts and mistakes at the time of working on it ! I honed my skills by disappearing in the workshops . I didn ’ t know a lot of things . I had to learn from my own experience . The most difficult thing was to achieve the perfect transition from one shape / volume to another , so that the result was truly “ live ” work . A lot connects me with this work and this sculpture is one of the important stages in the formation of the creative career . Now The Boy with the Sword is kept in many collections , shown in many museums and galleries .
In 2013 , I started business , and since then I have been doing bronze sculpture , looking for its symbiosis with other techniques .
►How do you get inspiration for work and creativity ?
- Childhood for me is a huge source of inspiration . I try to keep in myself that little boy who looks at
@ sabirov . alfiz the world with great interest . Childhood memories , something heard and seen from grandparents , are still an invaluable treasure . In kindergarten , I was ready not to sleep at night , just to listen to another fairy tale , again to find myself next to the heroes of fairy-tale and mythical worlds .
In general , everything that happens nearby inspires me : a tree branch , the way a child plays , a puddle after rain , a rumpled piece of paper , shape and lines of a car , and etc .
Observation is also important . It enriches , gives freedom to hands and head . This is especially important in our fast-paced time , when everything changes every second . Your thoughts do not stagnate , and “ the stagnant pond is replaced by a turbulent current ”. Although , I must say , a stagnant pond is also beautiful : reeds , fish are swimming , an old boat , and a dragonfly over the pond , fog over the water , a reflection of the sunset ... In general , it ’ s a matter of balance .
Ideas come in different ways . Sometimes I do not know until the very end what will happen to the intended image , what outlines the sculpture will receive . There were times when I changed jobs after