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The Sassanid Empire ( 224-651 AD ) precious stones , and there were many of them and it was indescribable ( Ibn Athir , 1991 : 335 ).
European historians Christian Sen , Will Durant , Kazama , Karabask , Sykes write : “ When Abi Waqas conquered the city of Ctesiphon , among his spoils there was a silk carpet , which background was like paradise , the pattern was gold , streams of water were made of crystals , trees of silk and flowers were woven from precious stones ” ( Sykes , 2010 : 295 ). According to these historians , there is an evidence of the existence of such a carpet . Another evidence , which proves that such jewelled carpets were woven in the Sassanid period , is the reliefs of the Taq-e Bostan related to this period . In the corner of harpers relief of Taq-e Bostan , an example of the carpet of the Sassanid period can be met . There are two rows of pearls and between these two rows there are quadrangles with long tied fringe . It turns out that like today ' s carpets it was knotted . The presence of jewellery may be the reason for doubts about the existence of such carpets . But even today in the museums around the world we meet carpets with rubies and precious stones and it proves the existence of a beautiful and exquisite carpet such as Baharestan ( Nafisi , 2004 ).
In different sources , Baharestan carpet had various dimensions such as 900 meters ² or 300 to 600 cubits , 60 to 60 cubits . Thus , it can be concluded that this carpet was very large but that it was not square or rectangular . It is certain that this carpet could not been woven as a whole . Probably , there were some smaller pieces , which were connected in the palace . This unique and precious carpet had been woven by 24 masters and artists for 8 years and the weight of the carpet was more than 2 tons .
There are two sources which explain the use of the carpet . According to the first , it was on the floor . Ferdowsi described this carpet as a very luxurious curtain in front of Ctesiphon ’ s porch . According to the documents , this carpet could be considered as a four-garden carpet with the medallion as a pool of
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