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From Spring to Autumn

of Baharestan carpet

Elmira Ardakani , Sanaz Dehghan , professors at University of Applied Science and Technology
Looking through various historical books , we can come across a legendary carpet which existed in the area of western Iran . The professors at Iranian University of Applied Sciences Elmira Ardakani and Sanaz Dehghan tell whether the Baharestan carpet really existed , why it amazed whose who looked at it and so many stories of its beauty and luxury have survived through the centuries .
In Mesopotamia , on the right bank of the Tigris there was a city called Ctesiphon . This city was the capital of the Sassanid Empire ( 224-651AD ). An amount of huge palaces , including the Kasra Palace , which was built in the first half of the XVII century , were conquered by the Arab army under the command of Saad Ibn Abi Waqas during the rule of Yazdgerd III .
A magnificent decoration of the palace could be compared to the grandeur of the palace . Saad Ibn Abi Waqas , after the conquest of Ctesiphon , wrote to the second caliph of the Muslims , Umar : “ In every room of this palace there is a carpet , which was woven by carpet weavers so that it is neither small nor large , and each piece of carpet is called Mafroosh ” ( Tabari , 1996 : 1834 , Balami , 1999 : 466 ). Among them , there is a very exquisite and jewelled carpet , its warp and weft are made of gold , silver and silk , and it is known as Baharestan , Bahar Khosrow , Golestan , Golzar or Zemestan ( winter ) carpet .
Since the carpet has not been kept , it is necessary to study books on the Islamic world and European history . According to Tabari ( IX-X centuries ), Balami ( XI-XII ), Muskavieh ( XI century ), etc ., Baharestan carpet existed . Perhaps the most complete description of this carpet was given by Ibn Athir ( XII- XIII centuries ). Persian shahs used the carpet in the Kasra Palace in winter that is why this carpet was also known as “ winter carpet ”. Shahs might imagine them sitting in the spring garden with grass and flowers , basil and trees , as well as rivers and streams made of gems with a variety of ornaments .
“ The ground was adorned with gold and the surrounding pattern was adorned with green emeralds resembling blooming trees in the field . Leaves were made of gold and fruit were made of
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Kasra Palace