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Throne carpet Dragon , Beijing , XVI century
►What is your best professional achievement ?
- Since I became the Head of Oriental Carpets Department in 2014 , sales have increased . Christie ’ s remains the leading international auction house in this area and we continue to set world sale auction records . One of these pieces of art is Emperor Ming ’ s magnificent Throne Carpet Dragon .
It was woven in the XVI century , probably in Beijing , for one of the halls of the Forbidden City . This carpet was used by the Emperor specifically for the throne . Twin dragons chasing a flaming pearl above foaming waves and below floating clouds symbolise the importance of the Emperor as the Son of Heaven who linked this world and heaven . This work of art is a rare surviving sample which was sold at the Paris Exceptional Sale on November 23 , 2021 ( record is 6,881,000 euros ).
►Each carpet at Christie ' s tells a story that has passed through generations . Do you have a favourite carpet ?
- Recently I was fortunate to handle two Safavid silk and metal-thread ‘ Polonaise ’ rugs for sale in 2019 which , although not a pair , had most probably remained together since they were woven at the beginning of the 17th century . Made during the reign of Shah ‘ Abbas of Persia , in the court workshops in Isfahan , they had been gifted to Augustus the Strong , Saxon Elector and future King of Poland who in turn gifted them to Count Lothar Franz von Schonborn , Archchancellor of the Holy Roman Empire . They remained together in Schloss Weißenstein , the princely palace of the Counts of Schönborn-Wiesentheid in Bavaria for over 300 years , until they were loaned to the Ontario Museum in Canada in the 1970 ’ s , but were never displayed .