Gulf Coast Fisherman Magazine Vol 41; No. 4 - FALL 2017 - Page 19

NORTH GULF Tide Tables North Gulf Fishing Forecast OCTOBER 2017 DAY TIDE TIME HT-FT DAY TIDE TIME HT-FT SUN 1 MON 2 TUE 3 WED 4 TUE Hi 12:18am 17 Hi 04:45am Hi 11:06am Lo 05:24pm Hi 11:23pm WED Lo 06:24am 18 Hi 01:07pm Lo 04:16pm Hi 11:10pm THU Lo 07:33am 19 Hi 11:16pm FRI Lo 08:29am 20 Hi 11:33pm SAT Lo 09:20am 21 Hi 11:57pm SUN Lo 10:12am 22 - - - MON Hi 12:25am 23 Lo 11:08am TUE Hi 12:58am 24 Lo 12:10pm WED Hi 01:37am 25 Lo 01:13pm THU Hi 02:20am 26 Lo 02:09pm FRI Hi 03:08am 27 Lo 02:55pm SAT Hi 04:03am 28 Lo 03:32pm SUN Hi 05:10am 29 Lo 04:00pm MON Hi 06:43am 30 Lo 04:19pm TUE Hi 12:51am 31 Hi 08:43am Lo 04:25pm Hi 11:13pm THU 5 CURRENT MOVEMENT DAY DIR STARTS ENDS STRENGTH SUN I - - - - 1 O 01:00pm 04:00pm Moderate AFTERNOON BEST MON I 01:00am 03:40am Moderate 2 O 02:20pm 05:00pm Moderate LATE AFTN BEST TUE I 02:30am 04:30am Weak 3 O 04:00pm 05:50pm Weak LATE AFTN BEST WED I 06:20am 07:50am Very Weak 4 O 05:40pm 07:00pm Very Weak EARLY MORN, LATE AFTN BEST THU I 07:55am 09:05am Very Weak 5 I 02:00pm 03:10pm Very Weak EARLY MORN, MID AFTN BEST FRI O 02:25am 03:45am Very Weak 6 I 03:10pm 04:50pm Weak MID AFTERNOON BEST SAT O 04:10am 06:10am Weak 7 I 03:40pm 06:20pm Moderate LATE AFTERNOON BEST SUN O 04:25am 07:45am Good 8 I 04:30pm 08:10pm Good EARLY MORN, LATE AFTN BEST MON O 04:55am 09:15am Good 9 I 05:00pm 09:40pm Strong EARLY MORN, LATE AFTN BEST TUE O 05:20am 10:40am Strong 10 I 06:05pm 11:05pm Strong MORNING, LATE AFTN BEST WED O 06:15am 11:35am Strong 11 I 07:00pm 12:20am Strong MORNING BEST THU O 07:20am 12:20pm Strong 12 I 08:30pm 01:10am Strong MORNING BEST FRI O 08:30am 12:50pm Good 13 O 12:10pm 04:10pm Good I 09:25pm 01:25am Good MORNING, AFTN BEST SAT O 10:00am 01:00pm Moderate 14 O 01:40pm 05:00pm Good I 10:45pm 01:25am Moderate LATE MORN, AFTN BEST SUN I 03:45am 06:05am Moderate 15 O 10:55am 12:45pm Weak O 03:20pm 05:40pm Moderate EARLY MORN, LATE AFTN BEST CURRENT MOVEMENT DAY DIR STARTS ENDS STRENGTH MON I 02:10am 03:40am Very Weak 16 I 05:10am 07:00am Weak O 10:50am 12:10pm Very Weak O 04:50pm 06:20pm Very Weak EARLY MORN, LATE AFTN BEST TUE I 06:30am 07:50am Very Weak 17 - - - - EARLY MORN BEST WED O 03:05am 04:15am Very Weak 18 I 02:35pm 04:05pm Very Weak MID AFTERNOON BEST THU O 03:30am 05:20am Weak 19 I 02:55pm 04:55pm Weak LATE AFTERNOON BEST FRI O 03:35am 06:15am Moderate 20 I 03:15pm 05:55pm Moderate LATE AFTERNOON BEST SAT O 03:50am 07:10am Good 21 I 03:30pm 07:10pm Good EARLY MORN, LATE AFTN BEST SUN O 03:55am 08:15am Good 22 I 04:05pm 08:05pm Good EARLY MORN, LATE AFTN BEST MON O 04:30am 09:10am Strong 23 I 04:35pm 09:15pm Strong EARLY MORN, LATE AFTN BEST TUE O 05:00am 10:00am Strong 24 I 05:35pm 10:15pm Strong MORNING, LATE AFTN BEST WED O 05:50am 10:50am Strong 25 I 06:30pm 11:10pm Strong MORNING BEST THU O 06:45am 11:25am Strong 26 I 07:30pm 11:50pm Good MORNING BEST FRI O 07:55am 11:55am Good 27 I 08:50pm 12:30am Good LATE MORNING BEST SAT O 09:10am 12:30pm Good 28 I 09:55pm 12:55am Moderate LATE MORNING BEST SUN O 10:20am 12:40pm Moderate 29 I 11:15pm 01:05am Weak LATE MORNING BEST MON O 12:25pm 01:55pm Very Weak 30 - - - - EARLY AFTN BEST TUE I 12:10am 01:30am Very Weak 31 - - - - EARLY MORNING BEST FRI 6 SAT 7 SUN 8 MON 9 TUE 10 WED 11 THU 12 FRI 13 SAT 14 SUN 15 MON 16 Hi 07:55am Lo 06:04pm Hi 09:06am Lo 06:27pm Hi 10:18am Lo 06:41pm Hi 01:10am Lo 04:27am Hi 11:37am Lo 06:42pm Hi 12:09am Lo 06:15am Hi 01:12pm Lo 06:17pm Hi 11:51pm Lo 07:35am Hi 11:57pm Lo 08:50am - - - Hi 12:21am Lo 10:09am Hi 12:58am Lo 11:34am Hi 01:46am Lo 01:04pm Hi 02:44am Lo 02:27pm Hi 03:52am Lo 03:37pm Hi 05:09am Lo 04:32pm Hi 06:33am Lo 05:14pm Hi 08:02am Lo 05:40pm Hi 09:31am Lo 05:46pm 1.5 0.4 1.5 0.5 1.4 2 0.9 0.9 1.3 0.8 1.0 0.7 1.1 1.0 1.2 0.6 1.4 0.4 1.5 0.3 1.7 0.2 1.8 0.1 1.8 0.1 1.8 0.1 1.7 0.2 1.6 0.3 1.4 0.5 1.3 0.6 0.9 0.9 1.1 0.8 1.1 0.7 1.0 0.9 1.2 0.5 1.4 0.4 1.5 0.3 1.6 0.3 1.6 0.2 1.6 0.2 1.6 0.2 1.6 0.2 1.5 0.2 1.4 0.2 1.3 0.3 1.2 0.4 0.9 1.0 0.6 1.0 (Continued from previous page.) PIER PRESSURE While others rocket their baits as far as they can from the manmade reef upon which you’re standing, sling a shad or curly tail jig uptide beneath the pier and let the water move it naturally across the bottom. A live shrimp hooked tail first on a jig head also works. Flounder utilize the pilings as current breaks and make a good living on the many forage sources piers attract. Summer and fall may also find flounder staking out the same dock lights that attract trout, snook, ladyfish and the like. The flat ones can’t directly compete with the swifter predators, but they’ll hang near the edges of light rings, where jigs, free-lined pilchards and synthetic shrimp prove too tempting to overlook. TIDAL CREEK TWO-STEP When outgoing tides drain coastal arteries, the parade of baitfish and crustacean forage creates a buffet that attracts a host of opportunistic predators including flounder. You might think they’ll lay low and grab whatever tumbles close, but an Upper Tampa Bay wading trip showed me just how aggressive and fleet-footed flounder can be. (Continued next page.) OCTOBER • NOVEMBER • DECEMBER 2 0 1 7 19